Pilates Certification Online (PCO) embraces the holistic wellness philosophy of Joseph Pilates, asserting that uniform body development, corrected posture, physical vitality, invigorated mind, and elevated spirit are the keys to happiness. Consistent with this philosophy, we recommend two affiliates who embody this holistic approach.

We are delighted to present the Raven Drum Foundation,

co-founded by Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen and healing arts educator Lauren Monroe. This dynamic organization utilizes rhythmic music and community engagement to offer healing and resilience to trauma survivors and communities in crisis, focusing on veterans and first responders. The work of Raven Drum Foundation fosters a deep connection between body, mind, and shared spirit, promoting unity and well-being.

We also present the extraordinary Toskar Healing,

an Energetic Healing service that harmonizes with the physical discipline of Pilates. Founders Carolin and Alexander Toskar utilize spiritual alignment practices to tap into unseen dimensions of our being, restoring vitality and harmony. Their work is a powerful testament to the healing potential of spiritual alignment in promoting overall health and well-being.

Joseph Pilates once declared, 'Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.' These affiliates, personally endorsed by our CEO Kaz and embodying Pilates' philosophy, offer practices that enrich the path towards holistic wellness and fulfilling living.