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Performing Arts Physical Therapy The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles

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Performing Arts Physical Therapy / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles, established in 1992, is an internationally recognized professional organization and creator of the world's first, most respected Professional Authentic Pilates Teacher Certification Program. PAPT / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles is independently owned, operated, and founded by Veteran Physical Therapist and Principal Pilates Master Teacher Trainer Melinda Bryan (previously known as Mindy Boehnert – Bryan), and by co-founder Kaz®, Pilates Authority (Los Angeles, California, USA).



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Founder, Creator, CTO and Chief Designer of PCO, PWD, PTV, Co-founder of PAPT LA
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The Grand Dame of Pilates, & the inspiration for PCO, PWD, & Everything Pilates
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PT, DPT, Co-Founder and Director of PAPT, The Pilats Studio of LA, PCO