Long before the infomercials and most other Pilates programs offered today, there was…

Performing Arts Physical Therapy / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles, established in 1992, is an internationally recognized professional organization and creator of the very first, most respected, Professional Authentic Pilates Teacher Certification Program in the world. Now the Pilates Studio of Los Angeles presents, PilatesCertificationOnline.Com as the first in the world to offer Authentic Traditional Pilates Certification Online.  Our revolutionary, easy to follow, HD “video-based” courses are available to you ONLINE anytime, from anywhere the Internet can be found.  Official Pilates Training Manuals, never before available to the general public, can now be purchased and accompany each course.  This program is based on the original Pilates instructor certification program offered by Performing Arts Physical Therapy / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles since 1992.

PilatesCertificationOnline.Com offers a “Virtual Classroom” of the Complete Classical Pilates Repertoire and is the original “official” Pilates program designed by PAPT / The Pilates Studio®, Romana Kryzanowska and Melinda Bryan, 20 years ago.  We keep it pure, simple, and true. As a result, Pilates Instructors trained and certified by Melinda Bryan and PAPT / The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles are viewed as the “crème de la crème.” Pilates Instructors trained and certified by our time tested traditional program are sought after by major celebrities, top business executives, professional athletes, performing artists, and by many other health conscious individuals.

PilatesCertificationOnline.Com offers specific course requirements conveniently available and gives the working fitness professional, health care practitioner, or anyone, the opportunity to learn Pilates from the comfort of their home or office. And because our online program is exactly the same as the original, all student members develop the same skills taught at our in studio seminars. Our program offers individual courses as well as full comprehensive certification. These may include on-site workshops and training opportunities. Our Certified Pilates Instructors can be found instructing the best Pilates today all over the globe.