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Performing Arts Physical Therapy / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles, established in 1992, is an internationally recognized professional organization and creator of the world's first, most respected Professional Authentic Pilates Teacher Certification Program. PAPT / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles is independently owned, operated, and founded by Veteran Physical Therapist and Principal Pilates Master Teacher Trainer Melinda Bryan (previously known as Mindy Boehnert – Bryan), and by co-founder Kaz®, Pilates Authority (Los Angeles, California, USA).



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Founder, Creator, CTO and Chief Designer of PCO, PWD, PTV, Co-founder of PAPT LA

Kaz, Founder,
Co-Founder, Performing Arts Physical Therapy and The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles, Since 1992. Creator, CTO, and chief designer of, Pilates.TV (coming soon!), Protégé of Romana Kryzanowska

Kaz® is an American businessman and internet entrepreneur known for developing the largest Pilates center globally to date, Performing Arts Physical Therapy & The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles (PAPT), since 1992.

He is also the CEO and creator of, the first professionally recognized online Pilates teacher certification program, initially taught by Romana Kryzanowska and offered by PAPT in 1992. Kaz will be launching two more companies in 2022: and Pilates.TV.

In addition to his businesses, Kaz is the executive producer and director of the Melinda Bryan Pilates DVD Series, designer of the best-selling Pilates teacher training manuals and studio guides by Dr. Melinda Bryan, and the writer and producer of the Pilates Music For Life Series, a 4-CD series featuring original music composed specifically for Pilates exercise routines.

“Outside of Pilates, Kaz is an internationally known artist, singer/songwriter, and music
producer. He founded his own music and book publishing company called Rockinbird Records.

It was a gift and a blessing to meet Romana. She traveled to PAPT several times a year and would typically stay up to 12 days for 9-day workshops. I remember she always enjoyed ending a long day of work with a glass of wine and meaningful conversation. She shared so many stories about her life, both pre, and post-Pilates, always speaking highly of her experience training under
Joseph Pilates and his wife, Clara. Romana believed in the essence of Pilates as ‘complete coordination of the body, mind, and spirit.’ Under her direction, I, too, became a believer in the Pilates philosophy. I am forever grateful for Romana’s guidance, friendship, and love. “

The trademark “KAZ” is federally registered in the United States, registered in the European Union, and used in various countries throughout the world. It is the sole property of the artist Kaz who works in association with Rockinbird records inc. This mark shall not be reproduced or used without the expressed written consent of Kaz.

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The Grand Dame of Pilates, & the inspiration for PCO, PWD, & Everything Pilates

Romana Kryzanowska was a young teenage ballet dancer in NYC working with the legendary George Balanchine, she was 17, it was 1941. “I was told to see Uncle Joe, he would help me heal my knee injury.” Joseph Pilates took Romana in as a student and her legacy was born. Twentysix years later, upon Joseph Pilates death, Romana would keep Pilates studio running and take the next several generations under her wing bringing Pilates “art of contrology” to the world. She
said, “You can say what Pilates is in just a few words, stretch with strength and control. The
control part is the most important, that makes you use your mind.”

In 1991, Romana created her first formal school with The Pilates Studio of New York to formally educate students in the teachings of Joseph Pilates’ authentic method of exercise. She initiated programming in New York, and later brought the program to Los Angeles.

Our grand dame of Pilates method came to Performing Arts Physical Therapy of Los Angeles (PAPT) and The Pilates Studio in West Hollywood, CA in 1992 to bring her passion to a new group of teachers, or pupils as she called everyone, on the West coast.

We all learned, explored, experimented, and studied. Romana told us to breathe “in with the air, out with the air,” lengthen, reach, lift, hold, “spear the fish”,”squeeze your buttocks, your derriere, or those hanging baskets,” and use your powerhouse! She said we would continue to learn and grow as we practiced Pilates. Our bodies would feel better, and our clients would reap
the health benefits under our watch. All students apprenticed in LA under the direction of Dr. Melinda Bryan. Today, The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles and PilatesCertificationOnline continue to bring Pilates education to many teachers around the globe from our home base in West Hollywood. Beloved by the Pilates community, Romana’s teachings were paramount in the education of Pilates teachers worldwide.

The elegance of Romana’s teaching techniques, along with her delivery of the key principles of Pilates work, precision, breath, flow, centering, concentration, and control, have created her legacy and influenced our own passion for Pilates. She was a mentor and friend, a regal representative of the fitness method that was 50 years ahead of its time, and a lovely woman that shared many stories and a lot of laughter. As those that knew her well remember, her favorite toast in celebration after a long successful day of practice was, “Love All Around.” So many vivid memories of Romana teaching at PAPT, hearing her voice, seeing her smile, and making us
work our bodies until we’d drop, remind us that wherever she was… there was love all around.

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PT, DPT, Co-Founder and Program Director of PAPT, The Pilats Studio of Los Angesles, PCO

Melinda Bryan, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy Co-Founder and Director of Performing Arts Physical Therapy and The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles, Since 1992. Co-Founder and Program Director of, Protégé of Romana Kryzanowska.

With over 34 years of experience, Dr. Melinda Bryan, known as the first in Southern California and one of the first in the world to use innovative Pilates techniques to help clients achieve
greater strength, flexibility, and endurance through their rehabilitation fitness programs. She was the first in the world to host, direct, and organize the original “Official” Pilates Teacher Training Certification Program, created by The Pilates Studio® and presented initially to the fitness community by Romana Kryzanowska in 1992 at The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles.As owner and director of Performing Arts Physical Therapy and The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles, Dr. Melinda is recognized internationally as one of the first to offer traditional Pilates certification. The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles is known as the very first “Official Pilates Certification Training Center” on the West Coast of the United States and was one of the first of only two licensing centers in the world. Since 1992, Dr. Melinda has hosted and directed the official Pilates Teacher Certification program. The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles has certified many of the best Pilates Instructors practicing all over the world today.

Dr. Melinda’s combined knowledge in both the medical and fitness fields effectively helps all of her clients improve the quality of life. She worked in athletic training at Temple University in Philadelphia and did a residency with the world re-known New York City Ballet. She has appeared on popular TV shows and in numerous magazines, including The Today Show, Leeza, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Rosie, Ms. Fit, and The Los Angeles Times. Her team of therapists and instructors keeps athletes and performing artists in shape and injury-free. They have also provided on-site service for many dance companies and Broadway theatrical productions in Los Angeles, including Dirty Dancing, The Color Purple, Drowsy Chaperone, Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard, Dirty Dancing, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King.

Dr. Melinda has numerous academic affiliations with universities, including the University of Southern California, Columbia University, St. Regis U., St. U. of St. Augustine, and has lectured internationally on Pilates and performing arts medicine. She has also created the first Pilates For Pregnancy / Pilates After Pregnancy DVD program and was instrumental in developing the
“Pilates Music For Life” Series produced specifically for Pilates routines.

Now keeping with the tradition of being a leader in her field, Dr. Melinda now directs, offered by The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles. It is the world’s first official “online” Pilates Certification school. The comprehensive online program is the first of its kind and is available 24/7 internationally. For experience, knowledge, and history, you can trust and depend on, follow the leader. Follow Dr. Melinda Bryan.