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About Us

Pilates Certification Online (PCO) - is the go-to choice for individuals wanting to become "Certified Pilates Instructors."

Learn from the Experts - Pilates Certification Online is the oldest professional, authentic Pilates education online program worldwide.

Internationally Recognized - PCO's Pilates education and teacher certification programs are internationally recognized, so you can get your certification and start teaching Pilates anywhere.

1250 Graduates and Counting - Pilates Certification Online graduates are the most qualified and respected professionals with the skills to succeed as Pilates instructors anywhere in the world.

24/7 Accessibility - Pilates Certification Online provides an easy-to-use platform and offers the most flexibility, convenience, and affordable way to earn a Pilates certification. Get certified on your own time.

Comprehensive Training - PCO covers all the fundamental principles of teaching Pilates exercises, using equipment, and teaching students of varying abilities.

Unlock Your Financial Opportunities - Pilates Certification Online offers the keys to your success as a certified Pilates instructor. Take control of your financial future. Enroll Now!


Pilates Certification Online (PCO) was founded by The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles, a Performing Arts Physical Therapy (PAPT) division established in 1992., by Dr. Melinda Bryan and Kaz®, the architect behind PCO. 

Romana Kryzanowska developed the Pilates Certification courses offered by The Pilates Studio and PCO in collaboration with Dr. Melinda Bryan, physical therapist, and principal Pilates master teacher trainer. Dr. Bryan is one of Romana's most recognized master teacher trainers.

PCO promotes authentic Pilates education and preserves the teachings of Joseph Pilates. With over 30 years in business, we are known for our Reputation of Excellence.


Best Selling Pilates Training Manual

The Complete Pilates System

Dr. Melinda Bryan is the best-selling author of the industry's most widely used Pilates Training Manual Series, which is used internationally by professional Pilates teacher trainers and university instructors.

Click the store icon below and instantly purchase and download to your iPad, iPhone, or Kindle. Visit our PCO bookstore for the paperback edition or downloadable copies. Books also accompany our Online Pilates courses and programming.

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