An Introduction to How Our Pilates Programs Work

How Our Pilates Programs Work - Pilates Certification Online, Women using exercise balls

Our Quick Start Guide

Easy as 1, 2, 3… Purchase the Course. Pass the Test. Print Your Certificate Pilates Certification Online.

Pilates Certification Online

  • Pilates Certification Online Education gives you the power to choose your Pilates destiny. Create your own schedule.
  • Learn Pilates from any city or country in the world, and at anytime you want. 24/7 access to our “virtual classroom” is available for all students.
  • Proceed through the course(s) on your own schedule, morning, noon, or night.
  • There are NO TIME LIMITS, so you may begin, pause,and restart at will, without stress or worry of losing access to your courses.

Step 1. Register

Create your Free personal student account here on our site in 30 seconds or less.

Step 2. Choose your Pilates Course

Choose the Pilates course or courses that you want to begin. Choosing multiple courses is permitted.

  • There are 5 courses: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, and Barrels.
  • There are 3 levels per course: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • There are 3 certification programs available at PCO: Reformer, Mat, and Complete Certification.
  • For each Pilates program, the basic level must be completed before access is granted to the intermediate level, and the intermediate must be completed before moving on to the advanced. View Courses

Members typically start with the Combined Course packages and begin with mat or reformer courses, but this is up to you to decide.

  • For the best savings, most members purchase “The Complete Pilates Program,” which is a part of the combined course packages. However, you may begin with any single course, or combined course package that you prefer.
  • At the end of each level (basic, intermediate, and advanced) there is a 1 attempt, free, timed, multiple-choice, online test. Students must pass the first level before gaining access to the next level. Students get to decide when they want to take the tests each time.
  • All online tests are open book. Although it is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that students purchase the Pilates training manuals that accompany the course. Students who use the manual while taking the online test, average a 90% passing rate. You do not need the training manuals to begin. Most members begin the course and then decide if they want to purchase the manual as they start viewing the online course videos.
  • When the student clicks “proceed’ to take and actually start a test, then and only then, there is a time clock and the test must be completed within the allowed time. If a student fails the free online test the first time, no stress, no worry. The student may “retake” the test again at anytime the student feels ready. There is a $25 USD “retake test” fee for each “retake” test.

Step 3. Print Your Certificate

At the end of each course, after completing all required levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced) of a program, and successfully passing the “online” test at the end of each level, the Student Member immediately gains access to a personalized printable, and downloadable, “Course Completion Certificate” which will include his/her full name and student identification number. These certificates are automatically generated and are located on the student profile page. They may be accessed, viewed, printed, or downloaded at any time. Students may print as many “Course Completion Certificates” as they desire.

The Course Completion Certificates are NOT Certified Pilates Instructor Certificates and do not offer the same privileges, credentials, or recognition as the Certified Pilates Instructor Certificates. All PCO certificates are issued by The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles and are signed by Melinda Bryan, Principal Pilates Master Teacher Trainer.

“Course Completion Certificates” are typically used and or presented as:

  • Proof of basic Pilates knowledge
  • To show potential clients
  • For proof when seeking continuing education credits
  • To secure employment or to present to employers and colleagues for potential job opportunities
  • To gain acceptance to Pilates apprenticeship programs offered by other Pilates centers / working alongside other Certified Pilates Instructors to accumulate work hours towards Pilates certification
  • Students seeking Pilates Certification credentials from PCO / The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles must complete the specific requirements listed under the program they have chosen. Students seeking Certified Pilates Instructor credentials, or Pilates education Click here: Certification Information

As we’ve said, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Earning legitimate, highly respected, Pilates Certification has never been so convenient and affordable. Get your Pilates certification here with PCO and get the best Pilates jobs, or start your own Pilates business and control your own future. PCO / The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles certification gives you access to the best opportunities. Access to the best opportunities leads to unlimited success!

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