Student financing with PCO is fast, easy, secure, and convenient

“Pay in 4” or “PayPal Credit” both allow members to take ALL of our courses now, and pay later.

This means you can start and complete your Pilates education today. Earn your Pilates certification with no interest and deferred payments. Start your own Pilates business, or secure the job of your choice, and begin earning steady income before having to pay for your Pilates education. This is a fantastic opportunity!

How the program works:
  1. First, create a Free Student Account and log into the PCO website.
  2. While logged into your Student Account, go to Courses tab and choose any course you wish to purchase.
  3. Follow the prompts to add the course into your shopping cart
  4. Under Payment Mode choose the PayPal billing option
  5. PayPal will offer you two options to check out…“Have a PayPal account?” or “Don’t have a PayPal account?” Choose one of the two options… both will feature the option to “Pay Later”.
  6. Select that option when you get to the PayPal processor, and you will have the benefit of deferred or segmented payments.