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Students certified at Pilates Certification Online by The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles are regarded by their peers and other professionals as the best trained and most competent Pilates instructors. Those who complete their Pilates certification with PCO successfully find employment and have the highest success rate as Pilates business owners.

With over 1250 graduates and counting, our certification is recognized in any city, state, or country. Pilates Certification Online Education is one of the first Pilates educational websites online and the first to offer authentic Pilates Certification Online.

With jobs for experienced Certified Pilates Instructors in high demand and more opportunities for individuals to open and operate their own Pilates business increasing worldwide, Pilates Certification Online Education is the most convenient and affordable way to earn authentic Pilates Certification.

Take charge of your financial future. Get your Pilates Certification with Pilates Certification Online and achieve all of your future goals.


Pilates Certification Online Education created and offered in 1992 by Performing Arts Physical Therapy: The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles. With over 20 years in business, we are known for our Reputation of Excellence directed by Dr. Melinda Bryan (Physical Therapist, Principal Pilates Master Teacher Trainer, Best Selling Author of the industry’s most used Pilates Training Manual Series). Dr. Melinda Bryan is one of Romana Kryzanowska’s most recognized master teacher trainers

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