The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles Celebrates 20 Years of Teaching Staff & Graduates

We wish to acknowledge our Guest Teachers, Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska and Master Pilates Teacher Trainer Sari Mejia Santo. Special Thanks for over five years of “exclusive” Pilates Teacher Training programming on the West Coast of the United States at Performing Arts Physical Therapy / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles which began in 1992. And for over ten years of exclusive Pilates Teacher Training Programming for The Pilates Studio®  & Pilates Inc.

We would also like to acknowledge, thank, and identify, some current and former Pilates teaching staff. Below you will find a partial list, which includes both “Certified Pilates Instructors” and “Pilates Apprentice Instructors” who have studied and taught Authentic Pilates at The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles. Most of the individuals listed below have completed and earned their final Pilates Certification through The Pilates Studio®. However, some may have achieved only partial certification, such as Mat and Reformer.

Important Note: All Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles “Certified Instructor” is presented with an official certificate, which should be displayed in their place of business for client verification. If you do not see a copy of your instructor’s certificate displayed, we suggest you ask the instructor to present it to you.  All Pilates instructors certified by The Pilates Studio® will be proud to present a copy of their Pilates certificate.

Our Pilates teaching staff over the years have included both Certified Pilates Instructors, and Pilates Apprentice Instructors (who had completed all coursework). Some of the individuals below may not have finished the full apprenticeship portion of their training and were not finally certified by The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles. The Pilates Studio® cannot be held responsible for those who claim to be “certified” but did not complete the full certification process.

Unfortunately, there are those who claim to be certified or have been certified for longer than the actual truth.  In fact, we have noticed individuals who make claims to be certified by Melinda Bryan, Romana Kryzanowska, or The Pilates Studio® even before the first program was created. The very first Authentic Pilates Certification Program was first offered at The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles®.

In fact from, 1992 – 2000, PAPT / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles and New York were the ONLY legally recognized Pilates licensing organizations in the United States. No one else can make this claim and substantiate it. Anyone who posts promotes, or makes claim to offer an older authentic Pilates certification program is simply being untruthful and is misleading the general public.

This is why we strongly recommend that anyone seeking Pilates training take the time to verify their instructor’s certification. Don’t be afraid to ask to see a copy of the instructor’s certificate, and verify its authenticity.  Contact us for The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles verification, if you feel it is necessary.  We will be happy to verify the certification status of those certified by our organization. Always verify your Pilates Instructor’s credentials. No exceptions. This is including all individuals listed below:

PAPT / The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles – Minimum Requirements for Pilates Instructor Designations
  • Pilates Apprentice
    • 10 hours private Pilates lessons, participation in Certification Program, current observation and practice of Pilates teaching and assisting Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Pilates Instructor
    • Certification Program Completion
    • 200 apprentice hours teaching clients/students
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
    • Certification Program Completion
    • 450 apprentice hours teaching clients/students
  • Certified Pilates Master Instructor
    • 10 years teaching as a Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Pilates Master Teacher Trainer
    • 10 years teaching clients
    • 5 years teaching apprentices
  • Senior Certified Pilates Master Teacher Trainer
    • 15 years teaching clients
    • 10 years teaching apprentices
  • Principal Certified Pilates Master Teacher Trainer
    • (Licensed Professional Healthcare Practitioner)
    • 20+ years as a licensed medical professional
    • 15+ years teaching clients
    • 15+ years teaching apprentices

Always ask to see a copy of the instructor’s certificate, and verify its authenticity.

This includes all individuals listed below:

  1. Adams, Melanie
  2. Angelov, Pavel
  3. Anissina, Ahha
  4. Artamova, Bepa
  5. Backer, Berlyn
  6. Banerjee, Raj
  7. Barnes, Theresa
  8. Beard, Natasha
  9. Bedell, Lauralinda
  10. Berry, Jennifer
  11. Berzak, Lihi
  12. Bloomquist, Lisa
  13. Boone, Megan
  14. Bostwick, Agata
  15. Bowman, Kimberlee
  16. Brazil, Michelle
  17. Brown, Theresa
  18. Brunell, Monique
  19. Bryan, Dave
  20. Bullard, Holly
  21. Burchmore, Bruce
  22. Busche, Donna
  23. Campbell, Mathieu
  24. Carruthers, Kimberley
  25. Carter, Mariela
  26. Caruana-Thomas, Thalia
  27. Cassady, Jill
  28. Cassisi, Jeannette
  29. Cavazos, Leslie
  30. Chang, Cai
  31. Cohen, Wendi
  32. Colombo, Alexandra
  33. Colon, Sasha
  34. Crowe-Fain, Carolyn
  35. DeJesus, Pamela
  36. Dekelbaum, Alayna
  37. Domingo, Michelle
  38. Doyle, Juliana
  39. Dyer, Mary
  40. Ellison, Stephanie
  41. Evans, Elise
  42. Farrell, John
  43. Fernandez, Terri
  44. Fine, Shannon
  45. Flack, Deanna
  46. Fricke, Therese
  47. Fry, Nela
  48. Gabriel, Ed
  49. Galati, Gina
  50. Garland, Trish
  51. Gentile, Holly
  52. Glaser, Nona
  53. Gonzalez, Katherine
  54. Goodman, Em
  55. Graham, Patricia
  56. Green, Bobbi
  57. Grimes, Jay
  58. Groper, Jessica
  59. Guevara, Maritza
  60. Gulyayeva, Alina
  61. Gupta, Tina
  62. Habbas, Joanna
  63. Hagler, Zoe
  64. Handler, Dana
  65. Handy, Cassandra
  66. Harman, Harish
  67. Hazell, John
  68. Healy, Mary-Jo
  69. Heikka, Cheryl
  70. Herlofsky, Angela
  71. Hernandez, Milagras
  72. Hilleary, Julia
  73. Hirsch, Eliza
  74. Hopkins, Eric
  75. Howell, Holly
  76. Humphries, Brian
  77. Jones, Gabrielle
  78. Jordon, Shemar
  79. Kahn, Drugi
  80. Kantor, Burt
  81. Kask, Maj
  82. Kincaid, Amy
  83. Kingston, Christian
  84. Kjellin, Christina
  85. Kling, Heidi
  86. Komar, Ahtoh
  87. Koziak, Sasha
  88. Krech, Ken
  89. Kuchta, Aggie
  90. Latin, Andrew
  91. Lee, Robert
  92. Lee, Huang
  93. Leo, Allison
  94. Leon, Heather
  95. Lieuw, Angie
  96. Lim, Florence
  97. Lippman, Beth
  98. Lipshutz, Amy
  99. Logsdon, Cyndi
  100. Long, Leah
  101. Lu, Wang
  102. Ludwig, Erica
  103. Lundin, Adam
  104. Madwani, Suchita
  105. Magallanes, Chandra
  106. Mais-Hanson, Charlene
  107. Maldonado, Leah
  108. Manith, Shanique
  109. Martin, Rachel
  110. Mathis, Lacey
  111. McCutchan, Cathy
  112. McDonald, Shawna
  113. Milian, Pablo
  114. Millstein, Audrey
  115. Mizin, Boris
  116. Montague, Susie
  117. Moran, Karen
  118. Musser, Joellyn
  119. Nolan, Norma
  120. O’brian, Aimhirghin
  121. Palumbo, Suzanne
  122. Peluso-Gianni, Jennifer
  123. Petersen, Agustine
  124. Phillipes, Patricia
  125. Pierson, Cathy
  126. Rae, Deana
  127. Rakow, Marcy
  128. Reese, Arlene
  129. Ricketts, Amber
  130. Rivera, Natasha
  131. Romano, Maria
  132. Rounds, Tracey
  133. Rudkilde, Adrian
  134. Sapenoff, Lauren
  135. Schmidt, Adali
  136. Sherwood, Myara
  137. Silva, Lisa
  138. Smirnoff, Stephanie
  139. Smith, Kimberly
  140. Smith, Simon
  141. Souder, Glory
  142. Stewart,Gina
  143. Svaleson, Marcia
  144. Tal, Ruth
  145. Tan, Liu
  146. Taylor, Joanie
  147. Teeter, Cathie
  148. Tegner, Albin
  149. Timpson, Christine
  150. Tiu-Laurel, Francesca
  151. Tomkins, Cathie
  152. Villarroel, Paolo
  153. Warren, Patricia
  154. Whitaker, Lorraine
  155. White, Denise
  156. Wild-Norris, Helen
  157. Wilson, Kim
  158. Wong, Zhang
  159. Wright-Wagstaff, Marion
  160. Wu, Li
  161. Wu, Wendi
  162. Wyatt, Elizabeth
  163. Zeppezaur, Kimberlee
  164. Zi, Zhang
  165. Zukeran, Cori